Teaching OUR Students to Cross Safely

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the ​steffi crosser is a clear, visible enhancing tool that assists the students to cross the roadway in front of their school bus.

If your Schools transportation deptartment is not using the STEFFI Crosser, you have to ask - Why not? It is the most cost effective means to enhance the safety of student crossings.

The STEFFI Crossing Enhancer takes the student crossing to a new safer level. School Bus Drivers train the students to look for the universal hand signal and only cross when they see it. Always reminding students to look both ways first!

Our goal is to eliminate student injury and death when crossing the roadway in front of their school bus.

Drivers Using the STEFFI
The Steffi at your school

Disticts and the drivers who use the STEFFi know it works and highly endorse it.

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The STEFFI Crosser?


The STEFFI Crosser

The STEFFI Crosser

Designed and Created

by a professional

NYS School Bus Driver of 21 years.

If You Don't See This - You Don't Cross

 (always reminding students to look both ways first, before they cross!)